Tre Stelle “Sa Mandra” Equestrian Centre


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Welcome to Alghero, the heart of Sardinia’s tourism. Where you can find one of the equestrians sport’s most active riding centres.

Situated by the entrance to the beach of Porto Ferro, the preferred place for horse riding excursions. It’s right next to Lago Baratz, the only natural lake on the island. This is where you arrive after having ridden across the spectacular panoramic sand dunes of Porto Ferro. – Always surrounded by the beautiful and unique macchia mediterranea (Mediterranean maquis).

All these are just some of the stunning features native to this part of the island. It has to be said that the best way to experience this islands captivating scents, fragrences and colours is by horseback. Now, thanks to the owners and hosts of the Tre Stelle “Sa Mandra” equestrian centre, these experiences are well within reach. This couple have always shared a passion for horses and Sardinia, and dedicate their lives exclusively to their profession.

It is a true joy for them to introduce tourists and visitors to the experience and wonders of horseback hikes through the country side. The centre’s horsers are all well trained for the selected tracks and excursions, and you can choose a horse to fit your specific needs. Whether you are a beginner looking for a calm introduction to riding, or an expert just wanting to gallop on the beach.

Before your trip, the team dedicate time for you to learn how to approach your horse and get acquainted with it. This aspect is essential to create contact and closeness with your horse, but also to over come the first moments of intimidation when beginning to ride. It is a big part of creating the best possible day for the guests. Once you feel ready to ride, the group leaves the centre and it’s surrounding pine forest of Porto Ferro and head for the open beach. Rabbits and wild boar, are frequent visitors on your hike. These protected animals thrive under the protection of the Parco di Porto Conte.

Don’t miss out on the unique opportunity to catch the Italian sunsets while on horse back with friends and family. The vision of a vanishing sun into the ocean and the gentle breaking of the waves is truly a magical must see when visiting Sardinia. Come and create memories with your loved ones that you will never forget!

During your outings which can be anything from a few hours to a day, you will create a close bond with your horse and the nature around you in its natural balance. For us, the choice of horse as transport through the hillside, seems a natural and obvious choice as the animals have always held a special place in the heart of all Sardinians.

General information:
Address: Strada Provinciale 44, 07041 Alghero SS, Italy
GPS 40.65225230498243, 8.297155986785924