Ristorante S’Andira


Phone : + 39 0789 754273; + 39 3474018287
Email : info@sandira.it

Welcome to fragrances and flavours of Sardinia and of his kitchen.
Welcome to a land, where the local natural beauty is perfectly connected with the hospitality of its people.
Santa Teresa Gallura and Restaurant S’Andira are a sweet symphony of charm and taste!

Santa Teresa Gallura is a pearl in the North of Sardinia where visitors can experience a sense of total well-being.

Restaurant S’Andira is an institution, a beautiful story that tells of love and passion: a passion for good food. the specialities presented in the menu are the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary research.
Mediterranean-style cuisine, refined and discreet at the same time, revisited with an original touch.
A cuisine that strictly uses only quality ingredients, simply combined to each other to ensure amazing flavours and healthy eating.

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    Address: Via Orsa Minore, 1, Santa Reparata, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy
    GPS 41.231388, 9.1673677