The ultimate Food, Wine and Cultural tour of Sardinia – 8 days

Traditional food, wine and cultural experience tour in the heart of Sardinia. The ultimate Mediterranean culinary experience.

The tour includes:

  • Return flights from Dublin or main European cities. Direct flights subject to availability
  • Full board accommodation (continental breakfast, lunches and dinners)
  • Drinks such as home made wine also included at meal times.
  • Dinners and lunches will include fresh local traditional food and recipes
  • Welcome drink
  • Minibus transfer from/to airport and internal travel on the island for 8 days
  • Escorted Service and Tour Coordinator in English and Italian for the entire tour
  • 3 cooking lessons in a local agriturismo (farmhouse)
  • 3 “hands-on” experiences: wine, pecorino cheese and bread making
  • Visits to 3 archaeological sites and a castle
  • Accommodation in double rooms ensuite
  • Single room supplements apply (subject to availability)
  • Tickets to museums, archaeological sites and castle
  • Travel insurance


Detailled program:


Day 1 – Arrival on 16th of September
Meeting at the airport, transfer, check in, welcome aperitif, relax and dinner

Day 2 – Wine making experience
We will dedicate the majority of the day to understanding how wine is made in a winery. The first step is to harvest the mature grapes from the vineyard. We will do that for approximately 1 hour with some local wine makers and see how they do it manually. Then we move to the winery building and see how the grapes start their slow transformation into delicious red and white wines. First of all a saccharine check is made on the grapes brought by the winery’s members. Then the grapes are transformed into must and transferred into containers where the fermentation process starts. A wine expert will bring us through the various wine making processes and give us a tour of the winery. We will understand the various grape types, the soil’s characteristics for them and the quality of wine they produce.
We will taste a selection of the best wines produced by the winery accompanied by a light lunch/aperitif.
The afternoon is spent relaxing in the area. There are walks around the winery and the Nuraghe Cuccurada is just 15 minutes’ walk from our location. A Nuraghe is a megalithic stone cone structure built by the Nuragic civilization about 1800BC.
Around 5pm we return to our accommodation, relax and prepare for dinner. The menu will include homemade food following traditional recipes with seasonal fresh ingredients and homemade wine in the agriturismo.

Day 3 – Pecorino cheese making process in the farm
We leave the agriturismo at around 8:45am. We will have a workshop on a farm, held in a traditional way as the local shepherds used to do in the past. We will understand why the Sardinian pecorino cheese is one of the most famous dairy Italian products worldwide.
Everyone will be invited to wear an original sheep’s cloak – still being used by shepherds in some areas of Sardinia today. All tools used will be from the traditional way of making pecorino cheese. Everyone will be invited to actively prepare the cheese hands on.
We will all have a traditional shepherd style lunch in the farm. Food and wine offered will be locally produced. The lunch will be also presented following traditional recipes and presentation from Barbagia –a region in the heart of Sardinia where many traditions haven’t changed over time due to its geographical isolation from other areas of the island. Not even the Romans managed to conquer its inhabitants living in the mountains.
After lunch we will relax and walk around the farm. We will learn about the “day to day” life on the farm and how animals are raised. There are nice walks available, such as an obsidian rock mine discovered since the Neolithic age.
Around 5pm we return to our accommodation. In the evening we will have a cookery demonstration and dinner at the agriturismo using ingredients from the Sardinian tradition.

Day 4 – Visiting the archaeological site of Barumini and the villages in the Marmilla area
Departure is around 9.30am towards Barumini. In the morning we will visit the most famous Sardinian Nuraghe and the surrounding archaeological sites. The area has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997 and represents one of the finest examples of the Nuragic civilization (1800-600BC). The visit to the Nuraghe lasts for about 1 hour. Then we move to visit the archaeological museum “Casa Zapata” containing lovely findings of the main Nuraghe and many other findings in the area. The museum is unique as it is built on top of a pre-existing Nuraghe. Visitors can view the structure of a Nuraghe from the top as the museum’s floor is made in transparent glass.
Lunch will be in a local restaurant/agriturismo and includes local wine.
The afternoon is free for a stroll around the lovely village of Barumini which offers plenty of charm and character.
Around 5pm, we will stop in Tuili for a short stroll in the lovely little village.
In the evening we will have a cookery demonstration and dinner at the agriturismo using ingredients from the Sardinian tradition.

Day 5 – Bread preparation experience and al fresco lunch in La Giara plateau
We will experience the Marmilla traditional bread making process hands on. The end to end process of baking bread will be demonstrated with yeast base starter and flour from locally produced wheat (Senatore Capelli). This particular wheat contains low gluten and contains higher percentages of vitamins, amino acid and minerals compared to other wheat types. In addition, it is easy to digest.
Senatore Capelli has been rediscovered in recent years in particular in the Marmilla mountainous region where most farms are implementing eco-friendly farming productions. The entire region was called “the granary of Rome” for hundreds of years during the empire’s rule.
The demonstration will occur in a family bakery (Sa Moddixia) in the small village of Genuri. The bread is cooked on an open fire using exclusively two types of wood to guarantee a consistent and distinctive flavour. You will see the passion they make in producing lovely bread types such as civraxiu, lada and coccoi.
Around 12.30 we will move to the Giara plateau, just 10 minutes’ drive from the bakery. We will eat al fresco in a rustic house in the countryside whilst admiring the unspoiled surroundings where the wild Giara horses graze freely. Homemade wine included.
The afternoon will be dedicated to walking around the lovely paths of La Giara plateau and its natural landscapes rich in Mediterranean vegetation and oak forests.
Around 6pm we will return to our accommodation, relax and prepare for dinner.

Day 6 – Traditional Sardinian art: rugs and tapestries. Agriturismo experience and Sanluri castle
Around 9.00am we will head towards Mogoro to visit the “Su Trobasciu” showroom where handmade rugs, tapestries, and other interior design products for niche markets are produced. Many of those products are used in luxury hotels to provide an authentic Sardinian style décor to their interiors.
They exclusively use hand-loom to produce and mix traditional and modern design in their masterpieces. The showroom is also used by local ceramists and other artists to display their work.
Around noon we will go to Sanluri Stato to have lunch in a local agriturismo, famous for the large amount of different dishes they produce for their guests. The agriturismo is surrounded by a farm which can be visited straight after lunch if desired.
Around 15.30 we will head to Sanluri to visit the local castle. This is the most well preserved castle in Sardinia built in the 14th century. The castle preserves a large collection of relics, weapons and documents from the First and Second World War, African wars and the fascist era.
Around 5.30pm we return to our accommodation. In the evening we will have a cookery demonstration and dinner at the agriturismo using ingredients from the Sardinian tradition.

Day 7 – The Sinis Peninsula, Tharros and its ruins and the Giganti di Monti Prama. Fish dishes experience
We depart around 9am. The day will focus primarily on visiting the Giganti di Monti Prama statues in Cabras and the archaeological site of Tharros.
First stop is in the fishing village of Cabras, famous for one of Sardinia’s best known delicacies: the bottarga (also called the “gold of Cabras” by the locals). This is the local delicacy of salted, cured fish roe, typically of the grey mullet or the bluefin tuna.
The first part of the visit will focus on one of the most impressive recent discoveries in Italian archaeology: the “Giganti di Monti Prama” statues. Buried for centuries in the Sinis countryside, just 2 km from the Cabras wetlands and not far from the ancient port of Tharros, these powerful, majestic sculptures of eastern-like style were hewn from single blocks of stone which could weigh up to 400 kilos, from a local quarry. The site of Monte Prama is considered a monumental funerary area, celebrating heroes and ancestors.
We will continue the visit to Tharros in the Sinis peninsula which still preserves remains of ancient civilisations such as the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans. The location is strategic and allowed civilisations in the past to spot any possible intruders from the sea. The tour in Tharros will last for about one hour.
Around 1pm we move back to Cabras and stop in a local “ittioturismo”. The ittioturismo is the equivalent of agriturismo but focuses on fish and sea food. Most of the products and food will come directly from the surrounding ponds and sea and it is freshly cooked. The menu includes the main fish dish of the area and sea food delicacies including the bottarga.
After lunch we head back to the coastline to visit the popular Is Arutas beach. Its uniqueness is mainly due to the sand made by multi-coloured quartz grain and crystal clear water.
On the way back, we stopover in Torre Grande for a walk on the promenade and enjoy a proper Italian ice cream.
Around 7pm we head towards our accommodation for dinner.

Day 8 –Departure on 23th of September
Breakfast and transfer to the airport.


Price: 2190 euro per person sharing

Booking:  30% pre-payment, non-refundable, at time of booking. Balance to be paid 20 days prior to arrival.

For more information or any queries, please call: +353 87 741 1012 or email:


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Other Info

Sardinians put a lot of emphasis and attention into their daily diet. Food and wine are locally produced coming from the garden directly to the table. This guarantees freshness and rich flavours and every family plans its seasonal consumption and plants vegetables and fruits accordingly. Nothing is wasted and the surplus is given to friends and locals or sold to local community markets. The local diet is very rich in whole grains, vegetables, legumes, indigenous olive oil, fresh cheese (mostly pecorino and goat’s cheese) and fish. These ingredients are the base of the Mediterranean diet which is considered one of the reasons for longevity and good health.

Sardinians are passionate about traditional cuisine and locally produced food and wines. They love sharing recipes passed on through generations and the secrets of health and good eating. The local cuisine doesn’t involve a lot of different ingredients or sophisticated processes to make a delicious dish. As they say, passion, love and simplicity are the foundation of great food and moderate physical activity guarantees a healthy and long life.

Our accommodation will be in the organic agriturismo "Su Massaiu" (or similar resort) at the top of a hill in the countryside of Turri, the heart of Marmilla region in Sardinia. The agriturismo is surrounded by orange, lemon, almond and olive trees and various medical herbs such as lavender, helichrysum, rosemary and myrtle. Su Massaiu has 8 double rooms with en suite, air conditioning, telephone and TV.

Our week together will be dedicated to enjoying the “hands-on” experience with food and understanding the way the locals live their lives in the rural Marmilla region of Sardinia. The countryside is rich in charm, history and culture and we will experience all those elements in the food and wine we eat and the sites we will visit. Our trip will be a balanced combination of Italian and Sardinian culture which involves interacting and eating with the locals, understanding their traditions and dietary secrets – guaranteeing a unique and unforgettable experience for your palate and soul.

Please note that: this exclusive tour is offered to a limited number of participants.

Period: 16th-23th of September 2017. Minimum number of participants: 8, maximum 10

Local Tour Operator organizer:

Not included: Anything else not mentioned in the tour description above.

Please note: Accommodation will be in a small *agriturismo in the heart of the Marmilla rural region in Sardinia. Only 8 ensuite double rooms are available. Therefore, single room availability is limited. If you need one please let us know as soon as possible. Supplement applies according to availability.

*Agriturismo is an independently-owned farm that the owners have decided to use partially for accommodation purposes. The food provided in the agriturismo is generally produced by the farm itself or locally (at least 90% of total food provided). Agriturismo is the Italian’s favourite way to experience rural tourism and traditional food. 

Price: 2190 euro per person sharing

Booking:  30% pre-payment, non-refundable, at time of booking. Balance to be paid 20 days prior to arrival.

For more information or any queries, please call: +353 87 741 1012 or email:

Payment via PayPal, bank transfer or credit card to Sardinian Dreams

Please note that:

This tour is coordinated by Gianni Massa owner of Sardinian Dreams. He is originally from Sardinia but moved to Ireland 15 years ago. Gianni is the tour coordinator and will spend the entire week with the participants of this tour. Contact Gianni now for more information: 00353 877411012 email: