Cagliari Old Town tour

Cagliari is an ancient city with plenty of noticeable marks left by its long history of foreign presence. The town was originally built on seven hills providing a strategic position overlooking the vast bay. Its origins trace back to the 3rd millennium BC but were the Phoenician who founded the opulent city of Karalis and left a large amount of visible and fascinating settlement. During the Roman presence the city increased its importance as center for commerce in the Mediterranean area.

Later, after the VI century AD in full Middle Age period Cagliari saw many battles for its conquest by pirates, Byzantine, Pisans, Genoese, Catalans and, in more recent times, the Piedmontese. Their presence has left a visible presence in the architecture, especially in the old town called the “district of Castello”.

This tour will take you through the most significant buildings and landmarks of the civil and religious powers (Royal Palace, Cathedral of Santa Maria), authentic masterpieces and very well preserved. The visit continues to the powerful Medieval Towers, the Basilica of Santa Croce and the Bastioni in the old town of the city. This will be a unique opportunity to learn more about the history of Cagliari and the entire Sardinia. The tour in Castello will provide also plenty of wonderful views of the city towards the harbor, other old quarters of Cagliari and its lagoons.

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Departure: Piazza Yenne, in front of the ice cream shop “Isola del gelato

Time: 9.30, every hour

Availability: All year

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 24 euro per person for group 2-8 people. Tickets for monuments not included

Price: 22 euro per person for group 9-12 people. Tickets for monuments not included

Price: 19 euro per person for group 13-25 people. Tickets for monuments not included

Difficulty: none