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Located in the northeast of Sardinia, the National Park of La Maddalena, established in 1994, it is the first National Park of Sardinia, the only one in Italy consists of the territory of a single municipality.

The National Park includes all the marine area of ​​the La Maddalena also including the smaller islands of Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi and Spargiotto, Budelli, Razzoli, Santa Maria, Nibani, Mortorio, Soffi e Camere. The entire marine park covers a vast area between sea and land of 18,000 hectares, 180 km of coastline, one-tenth of the whole Sardinia.

The geomorphology of the territory is characterized by granite rocks, whose forms are real natural monuments shaped by wind, sea and rain over millions of years. Today you will see them with their incredible forms creating breath-taking scenery.

To reach La Maddalena is necessary to reach the port of Palau and then embark on a ferry that connects the Maddalena Island to Sardinia. Connections are active both day and night. For more info you can check our website at

In the quiet periods of autumn and spring visitors can walk the trails, enjoying the scenery, the perfumes of the plants and the crystal clear sea.

In the Archipelago, particularly in Caprera, the park has restored the trail network: 16 are, in total, the marked trails with the rules of the CAI crossing the island. The tracks are not difficult, just have comfortable shoes, and, depending on the seasons a light jacket, binoculars and camera. In the colder months like December, January and February you can still go even accompanied by lovely sunny days.

There are numerous destinations reachable through the trails: Monte Tejalone, Candeo, Poggio Rasu, Coticcio Cala, Cala Napoletana, Cala Brigantina, Cala Portese and more. Do not miss to Caprera Cala Andreani, the Wreck Beach, called “the beach of the two seas”.

Caprera is the island that combines history, culture and nature, thanks to the presence of Risorgimento hero Giuseppe Garibaldi. The island offers two museums dedicated to Garibaldi which are open all year. Also visit the CEA, the Environmental Education Centre of the Park, which is home to the park’s museums. It is a geomineralogical museum, opened every day in the summer, in the winter months upon request.

Tourists in Caprera have a large range of activities they can do immerged in the local lovely surroundings: a picnic in the woods, excursions accompanied by guides, a bike tour, on horse or learning to ride a sailboat. Between the beaches and shores to visit: La Maddalena you cannot miss a dive in the beautiful waters of Bassa Trinita or Monti d’à Rena with its golden sand dunes. Also, a visit to Punta Tegge to see the immense granite cliff is a must. The area has been Blue Flag for many years together with Spalmatore Island. There are so many other small coves of white sand, Cala Ciaccaro, Granara Cala, Cala d’Alga, or the famous island of Budelli hosting the symbol of the Park: The Spiaggia Rosa (The Pink Beach), which is strictly protected to preserve its fragile environment. Also let’s remember Santa Maria with its long white beach and Razzoli, with its jagged rocks and its impressive lighthouse.

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