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IMPORTANT: By buying any service provided by this website and those affiliated to it implies acceptance of this Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy document. We highly advise to read it carefully as it might be updated from time to time to reflect improved services to our customers and service providers.


Introduction and terminology

  • These Terms and Conditions for Travellers and Holidaymakers applies to,,, and any other domain and sub domain to which this policy is linked to in the web pages and in any other mobile application of those websites. We will refer to those websites by using the words “Site” or “Sites”.
  • These Terms and Conditions for Travellers and Holidaymakers regulate the relationships between the Providers of the service (i.e. Property owners, Letting Agencies or properties managers) and Users (Traveller/Holidaymaker). Both parties avail of the Sites as a Venue to interact. Travellers and Holidaymakers include people who use the Sites to seek information on properties to rent and complete booking process directly with the Providers.
  • You must be at least 18 to use any service on this website and its Sites and able to accept legally binding contracts.
  • By using or accessing this site, Providers and Users agree to the Terms and Conditions included in this document.
  • The Sites is not involved in any aspect of the contract between the Provider and the User. The Sites simply provide a platform where Provider and User can interact and is not in any circumstance part of the contract between Provider and User. The Sites cannot be involved in any mediation, dispute or reconciliation process between Provider and User.

Providers’ responsibilities and Code of Conduct

  • Providers of the service (i.e. Property owners, Letting Agencies or properties managers) are fully responsible for any information provided in relation the property they advertise. This includes descriptions, pictures and any other information provided about the advertised property/ies.
  • Providers are obliged to provide transparent, correct and accurate information at all time.
  • The Provider should make any effort to ensure that information and pictures of the property they advertise are accurate representation of the property itself.
  • Providers are responsible for correct translations of the content related to the property/ies they advertise. If the translation does not meet the required standards the Sites reserves the right to remove them. In this case the Provider will be notified; however, if the text quality is not improved within the following 30 days the advertising will be permanently removed. In this case no refund is due to the Provider.
  • Every time a User finds an ad they are interested in they will contact the Provider directly via an enquiry form. This facility will be provided within the Sites and include some basic contact detail such as: Name, Surname, email address, phone number and request.
  • Providers will then reply to those inquires and communicate with the User directly.
  • The Sites have no involvement in the communication between Provider and User.
  • It is strictly forbidden to publish or transmit information that is false, deceitful or distorted.
  • It is a criminal offence to put in place actions that may be considered “phishing”.
  • In case of unlawful declaration included into the advertisement or pictures that are not representative of the actual property the Sites reserve the right to immediately delete the listing without any refund to the Provider. This does not exclude the possibility for the User and the Sites to take further legal action if necessary.

User’s responsibilities

  • The Users accept that the Provider is the only responsible for the accuracy of information and photos provided related to the specific advertised property/ies. The Sites are not accountable for such content.
  • Users will avail of a message system provided by the Sites to make contact directly with the Provider. The interaction between User and Provider is not managed, reviewed or validated by the Sites.
  • The User recognizes and accepts that the Sites cannot visit any property listed by the Providers. The Sites cannot either verify or make any assumption about the identity of the Providers.
  • The Users accept that the Sites are not liable for any incorrect, partial or unlawful information or declaration made by the Provider. However, the Sites will conduct random checks to verify the identity of advertisers and validate the information provided.
  • If the User believes the Provider has given false information we encourage to send an email to with full details.

Reviews and comments

  • In order to encourage transparency and trust the Sites will allow Users to leave reviews about their experience with that particular property and Provider. Users will be able to respond and comment.
  • Reviews, posts or comments that contain offences, threat, or are vulgar, abusive, pornographic, unlawful, defamatory, obscene or indecent, will not be tolerated in any way and removed immediately by the Sites administrators. This does not exclude the possibility to take further legal action against the offender if necessary.
  • The Sites will offer Providers with the facility to include feedback given to their properties on third party websites. The Sites have not the ability to validate those comments and reviews.
  • Emails and communications sent by using the Sites facilities should be genuinely related to booking queries. Any other not solicited communication such commercial emails are not allowed.

Sardinian Dreams Intellectual Property

  • Sardinian Dreams is a registered trademark. All its content is protected by copyright. Nothing of the Sites can be reproduced or copied in part or in full without authorization by Sardinian Dreams. This includes texts, comments, pictures, graphics, etc.
  • Users can download or print material when clearly stated on that particular page or document.
  • Copyright infringements will be prosecuted under the Irish laws


  • Sardinian Dreams and the Sites do not own, partially or in full, any of the properties or businesses listed within the websites or those in other advertising media such as, videos, press, radio, etc. used for promotional purposes. The Providers and business owners are the sole individuals/entities responsible for the content published on the Sites.
  • Sardinian Dreams and its Sites and representatives cannot, under any circumstances, be responsible for any type of (but not limited to) patrimonial, financial, incidental, consequential, moral, physical or psychological damage, direct or indirect, arising from the usage of the Sites.
  • Sardinian Dreams and the Sites do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, reliability or legality of any of the information contained in our website for the properties listed or businesses listed.
  • Sardinian Dreams and the Sites are websites (Venues) that allows estate agencies, property owners, property managers and business owners to advertise their properties and businesses to a variety of potential holidaymakers and customers.
  •  Providers and business owners are the unique and sole individuals/entities responsible for the previous mentioned damages and for the information and declarations made about the properties and businesses they own or represent on behalf of third parties.


These Terms and Conditions are in compliance and governed by Irish laws.

Any dispute referring involving any of the Sites is subjected to the jurisdiction of the Irish courts.



General info

Sardinian Dreams takes the privacy of its customers very seriously. This Privacy Policy applies to,,, and other domain and sub domain to which this policy is linked to in the web pages and in any other mobile application of those websites. We will refer to those websites by using the words “Site” or “Sites”. This policy will explain how we use and protect the User’s personal data. The words “Users” or “you” included in this Privacy Policy, refer to holiday makers, tourists, travellers, property owners, letting agencies and business owners whom avail of our websites to look for various types of accommodation solutions, properties to rent, and/or include their properties to rent and/or businesses to the Sites for advertisement purposes. Likewise, it refers to all individuals who avail of the services provided by our Sites.

The Sites may contain links to third parties’ websites. We’re not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of those third parties’ websites. Therefore, we highly recommend Users of our Sites to read carefully any privacy policies on those third parties websites prior using or buying the services or goods provided by them.

Once provided any necessary information to us when listing a property, searching for a property, booking accommodation or using any other tool or other service provided by the Sites, the User deliberately agree to this Privacy Policy.

In order to be compliant with law requirements we might amend this Privacy Policy to incorporate latest regulatory requirements, or as a result of improvements in technology. Any new policy or change in policy will be effective from the moment in which it is published on the Sites. Therefore, we encourage the User to return here regularly and review the most up to date Privacy Policy.

Registration    and all its related websites are registered as Partnership under the Irish Registration of Business Names Act, 1963. Reg. number: 296238. Post address: 160 Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3 – Ireland

How will Sardinian Dreams use your personal data?

Our primary reason for gathering personal data/personal information is to provide you with the higher possible level of services and to optimize your use of our Sites. Therefore, you agree that we may use such data for the following reasons: •    To provide you with the services or support your needs/requests; •    To get in contact with you from time to time with in order to provide service updates/enhancements;

  •  To personalize, measure, analyse and improve our services; •    To provide assistance to other entities and individuals you have done (or have agreed to do) business with; •    To inform individuals and businesses on services provided by Sardinian Dreams and those of its group and affiliates; •    To avoid, investigate and when necessary prosecute activities we believe might be illegal or potentially illegal or dangerous;
  •  To contact our members or affiliates. We might contact you about your account and your use of the services provided by us; •    To apply our Privacy Policy and/or our Terms and Conditions in compliance with the Irish and the European Union Laws. The Sites collate information that is translated into statistics such as site traffic, sales and other commercial information. The scope of this is to continuously improving the services we provide to our Users at the best possible price. It is paramount for us to understand our Customers and Users needs to be in good position to serve them with the latest advantages provided by technology and social trends.

For the purpose of our activity we may store information about properties advertised into the website.

Entities with which we might disclose personal data

Sardinian Dreams and its Sites do not sell personal data to third parties.

However, we may disclose user’s and customers personal data/information in response to a request by a law enforcement or governmental authority. We might also do so in case of litigation (potential or actual) or to take action to protect our assets and intellectual property or to protect members of our staff. We may also share your personal data with: •    A third party performing services for the Sites; •    Companies in the Sardinian Dreams network and/or affiliates groups; •    Other companies or business entities, i.e. in case of a merger or acquisition with that particular company or business entity; •    Other companies we work with to feature all or part of our member’s property listings for advertising purposes. i.e. featuring the user’s property specs and pictures into other websites; •    Any other third party you have authorised us to share your personal data with – i.e. social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

  • With social networks and other public media in case of winning any promotional contest advertised into our Sites.

When you use our payment solution providers such as Pay Pal or other, you agree that we may share the necessary data about you with such providers and vice versa in order to facilitate payments and reconciliations using an online payment platform. Such data may include information on bookings, transactions, enquiries, refunds, or other claims or events related to advertisement and/or payments.

How will we protect the personal data and information?

Our technical people will take all possible measures to protect personal data/information. Organizational measurements will be also taken to prevent unauthorized people accessing sensitive data.

Despite the lack of completely secure systems we trust our measurements are best in class to reduce any potential risk. We have security processes in place to protect our User’s database. The access to this database is restricted internally.

Under no circumstance the Sites will be responsible for unauthorised access to the User’s data made through his/her systems and/or devices. The User is responsible for ensuring that:

  •  His/her systems and devices are constantly protected;
  •  He/she will constantly maintain a good internet security level;
  •  He/she monitors access to their systems.

Usage of mobile application devices

We will also release some mobile applications. Once you install any of those applications into your mobile devices we might receive information related to your location which might include the location of your mobile device. This information will be solely used to provide the User with additional services provided by the Sites or provide other useful information related to your holiday in Sardinia.

All mobile devices allow users to turn off location services. If you have any concern about this functionality and need information how to disable it we recommend you to contact your mobile service provider or the device’s manufacturer.

Cookies policy

A cookie is a piece of software code sent to your device from most websites today. Cookies do not contain any personal information about the User and do not help to identify individuals. The reason for using cookies is to improve the service and the experience of Users into a specific website. Cookies help websites to recognize devices that return into the site and enhance the User’s experience.

For example:

    • A website can recognize a specific device so the User does not have to give the same information multiple times during one task, i.e. completing a form;
    • Recognizing that the User previously provided his/her credentials so there is no need to do it for every area of the website;
    • Creating statistics and review data anonymously. This will help us understand how people use our Sites so we can make the necessary improvements when required.

 Fraudulent emails

Please be aware that we do not request information such as credit card numbers and passwords, via emails. If you receive an unsolicited email that appears to be sent from one of our Sites requesting personal data such as credit card numbers, login, or password it is likely to have been sent by a “phisher”. We highly discourage you from providing such information in a written form and encourage you to contact us via email (

Applicable Jurisdiction

The Sites are registered in Ireland in accordance to the Irish laws. Therefore, the Terms and Conditions of the Sites usage as well as the Privacy Policy are governed exclusively by the Irish law and Authorities. Any dispute direct or indirect arising from these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as well as any usage of the Sites and/or claim is subjected exclusively to the Irish jurisdiction.

For more information on data protection law in Ireland please visit: