Raggi di Sardegna


Phone : +39 334 3052 480
Email : raggidisardegna@gmail.com

Raggi di Sardegna is a project born to give hospitality to all those who see vacation and travel as a time of discovery, dream and poetry.
The journey as an exploration of places, cultures, art and gastronomy, traveling intended primarily as a search for oneself.

Raggi di Sardegna offers you all the opportunity to put aside all that during the year we made anxious and stressed, will give you the ability to sleep, eat and visit the city of Alghero with the only means able to make you happy , carefree and completely in tune with the environment, the bicycle.

Raggi di Sardegna is active holiday, ecological, carbon-neutral and especially accessible and economical.

General information:
Address: Via Maiorca, 119, Alghero, Province of Sassari, Italy
GPS 40.5567025, 8.314041900000006