Porta Nuova – Shopping Centre


Phone : +39 0783 210051
Email : info@portanuovaoristano.com

The shopping center Porta Nuova is in Oristano, a town on the west coast of Sardinia, about halfway between Cagliari and Sassari, it is easily reached from the major cities of the island, and is easily accessible from the city to the suburbs, and has ample parking outside and interior for a total of 700 parking spaces Opened in July 1996, visited daily average of about 5,000 people, the Centro Porta Nuova, is a landmark commercial and attractive leisure in the Province of Oristano, Inside there are commercial areas and restaurants, a supermarket Conad Leclerc, 43 shops representing a full range of quality and convenience at the service of customers who can benefit from the space, the many relaxation areas and events every month animate the center. Enters the Porta Nuova and live an experience among the variety of business activities, the numerous promotions, dining areas and bar, all you want to feel the center of your shopping.

General information:
Address: Porta Nuova Centro Commerciale Oristano, Via Cagliari, Oristano, Province of Oristano, Italy
GPS 39.915748, 8.586209000000053