L’Incantu Restaurant


Phone : +39 079 474340
Email : booking@bajalogliaresort.it

The à la carte menu of Ristorante L’Incantu offers up a plethora of dishes that are rich in flavour, tradition, experience and creativity. The chefs’ concept of gastronomy is very much bound up with the authenticity of the seasonal local produce and is geared squarely towards satisfying even the most exacting of palates.

In short, a visit to the restaurant is all about having a sublime sensory experience that takes its cue from an ancient mysterious land, awash with fragrances, colours and flavours.

Modern settings set in traditional architecture are the hallmark of L’Incantu restaurant.

A gastronomy concept based on the genuinely fresh seasonal produce, gratifies all tastes. Typical products offer an experience of the senses which is borne out of this ancient and magical land, so rich in smells, colours and tastes: Sardinia.

A romantic place, very exclusive and rich in charming poetry; where the sea air mingles with the scents from the bush-land and the magical tastes of the traditional cuisine unite with the fantasy and skills of the chefs.

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    Address: Bajaloglia Resort, Castelsardo, Province of Sassari, Italy
    GPS 40.905742, 8.698403999999982