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Your Italian language course in Alghero. Live a new experience: an Italian language course by the best sea of the world, study Italian in Alghero and enjoy its great beaches and old town!!

‘Italian’, the Romance language of Italy is widely spoken by almost 62 million people and more. Linguistically, this language is a member of Italic subfamily of Romance group. Principally it is spoken in the southern Switzerland, Sicily, northern Sardinia, Corsica, San Marino, South America, and North America and so on. According to the verdict of Roman Empire rulers, Italian was proposed to be officially used in all territories under their own rule. Different social classes used this vernacular as their social language. However, this colloquial speech was considerably substandard to the literary language that was used by the few educated people and writers. We have read about the progression of mythical Latin through the various works of authors ranging from the ancient times to the middle Ages. Still we hardly have an idea of how Latin converse evolved on earth. However, this Latin dialect after blending with the local languages of other territories gave rise to unique and diverse “Romance” languages.
There are various ways to learn the Italian language. The best part is to Learn Italian in Italy, itself, i.e. learning the language while staying in one of picturesque places like Alghero and Sardinia located near the exotic beaches under able guidance of professionals. It is not only just learning the language but it includes something more than that. One can get accustomed to the true Italian atmosphere and culture under the supervision of dedicated, homely and caring teachers.

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Address: Via Gallura, 14, Alghero, Province of Sassari, Italy
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