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An ancient land with an ancient language, Sardinia is a unique fascinating place.
Its coastline is probably the most spectacular in Europe, its waters teem with fish and shellfish.
Its rugged mountains, pocketed with caves, welcome large flocks of sheep that feed on wild plants and produce a cheese your palate will never forget. While a winding coastal drive-perfect for a roadster -offers dramatic Mediterranean views and a powerful adrenaline rush, the real highlights are the actual rocks formation, or more precisely, the prehistoric stone dwellings found in the mountainous interior.
The island is home to more than 7,000 stone Nuraghi towers, Bronze Age castles built between 1600 and 1100 B.C.

General information:
Address: Strada Provinciale per Sanluri Stato, 09025 Sanluri VS, Italy
GPS 39.549403095405864, 8.882804705967601