About Sardinia

La Maddalena Archipelago

All you need is Sardinia!

This wonderful Mediterranean island is blessed with amazing beaches of fine golden sand and lovely countryside. The beautiful coastline is just one of the special attributes of Sardinia.

The entire island is rich of charming villages and towns, full of history, folklore and flavours.

Sardinia is also a land of culture with dozens of small and large museums scattered around the island and hundreds of archaeological sites.

The endless list of festivals and events each year also contribute to offer authentic and enjoyable experiences to visitors.

Taste and flavours take myriads of different forms in Sardinia. There are plenty of unique dishes and recipes to combine with the local wines to please any palate.

Let’s also remember that the Sardinian’s sense of hospitality is definitely second to none.

The weather in Sardinia is typically sunny. The coldest month of the year is February, when the average temperature is 8-10° C. In the summer, the temperatures can easily reach 35° C, particularly in August.

All these factors make this island a unique place, full of character and charm that offers holidays of distinction and unforgettable experiences.

Sea and beaches

Sardinia offers holidaymakers beautiful sandy beaches with amazing crystal clear seas. It is home to many of the most beautiful holiday resorts in the entire Mediterranean area, ideal for families and young couples. It offers all you need for your dream holiday.

Food and wine

Sardinia is a food lover’s paradise. Seafood, fish, cheese, seasonal vegetables, roasted suckling pig and other meats, Sardinian handmade pasta like ravioli and culurgiones are just some of the main  dishes there.
Wild herbs are also largely used in local cuisine which gives food a very distinctive Mediterranean flavour. The superb Sardinian wines must be part of every meal during your stay. Cannonau is the most famous among the red wines with Vermentino being the perfect white choice as an aperitif or for seafood dishes.

Today, several millions of tourists visit Sardinia every year for its wonderful beaches and coastline but also to admire the remains of a fascinating history and to enjoy the food and traditions influenced by many Mediterranean civilizations over the centuries.qq